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NAVLIN Insights delivers the most innovative market research solutions for biopharmaceutical companies’ business questions from pipeline to loss of exclusivity.

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Insights Overview

Proprietary insights drive deeper analysis and visibility to specific access questions across market, channel, brand, account, patient and global access.

These insights, which are derived from an unrivaled expert panel network, are combined with an advanced set of methods, frameworks and novel solutions to provide competitive intelligence, insights and strategic recommendations.

medical and pharmacy decision-making executives included in survey panels
health systems and regional plans
countries included in network of market access stakeholders
U.S.-based specialty physicians included in expert panel
Key Features

NAVLIN Insights

Featuring meaningful and in-depth insights on U.S. & global marketplace trends, customer needs, access barriers and opportunities for your brand.

Market Access
Monitor and evaluate U.S. insurance market evolution to anticipate shifts that affect access and reimbursement.
Channel Access
Assess leading customer strategies within each channel to inform forward-thinking solutions.
Brand Access
Determine current and future opportunities to optimize access for your brands within a therapeutic area.
Account Access
Evaluate relationships with leading customers and guide account-specific tactics to impact sales and marketing efforts.
Patient Access
Identify key opportunities to improve patient access and user satisfaction in patient services and distribution network strategies.
Global Access
Gain critical intelligence into global market pricing, reimbursement and HTA decisions.
Custom Access
Attain rapid insights from an unrivaled network of expert stakeholders to answer your specific business questions.

The NAVLIN Difference

Customized Solutions

NAVLIN Insights is a customizable portfolio of solutions that meets specific objectives across all core biopharmaceutical business areas.

Subject-Matter Experts

The dedicated NAVLIN Insights research team has extensive experience across multiple disease categories, value propositions and market access strategies.

Speed and Efficiency

NAVLIN Insights offers solutions tailored to your specific needs as well as access to self-service tools to get the answers you need in a matter of minutes:

  • ACCESSEXPRESS® by EVERSANA™: Connect with hard-to-reach payer provider/physician experts and get responses directly to your inbox in real time.
  • SPOPTIMIZER by EVERSANA™: A proprietary digital platform that evaluates and aligns over 90 specialty pharmacies for current and future network needs.
Right Respondents

Our panel includes all leading U.S. health plans, PBMs, employers, Medicare plans, specialty pharmacies and IDNs, as well as access to a robust specialist physician panel in the United States and a network of market access stakeholders in 15+ countries.

Actionable Recommendations

Beyond the data, we provide actionable and credible insights to confirm your current strategy or guide you confidently forward in new directions.

Driving Patient Access

Our advanced set of market access capabilities, frameworks and methodologies, along with our robust panel of experts, supports strategies that deliver patient access to therapy as quickly as possible.

NAVLIN Insights Brochure

NAVLIN Insights Brochure

NAVLIN Insights
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