NAVLIN Revenue Management

Integrating gross-to-net into the commercialization ecosystem

NAVLIN Revenue Management brings together all critical revenue management operations, along with the power of NAVLIN Price & Access Data, to deliver efficient, intuitive, accurate and compliant tracking and reporting – all in one innovative & integrated digital platform.

NAVLIN Revenue Management
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Key Features

NAVLIN Revenue Management

Store critical rebate details such as rates, products, plans and timeframes to ensure integrity of data from contracts through payments, and retain key information at individual claim level to drive improved analytics.
State Drug Price Transparency
Support compliance with State Drug Price Transparency regulations by analyzing WAC price changes and subsequent reporting requirements.
Support accurate processing of chargeback requests using over 40 standard validations with turnaround time of 2-3 business days.
Government Pricing
Manage, calculate and report government prices in an auditable and configurable way with modular, reusable calculations and multi-layer filters to reduce the margin for error.

The NAVLIN Difference

  • Latest platform technology provides faster processing times that accelerate implementation and future contract generation.
  • Integration of State Drug Price Transparency with NAVLIN Price & Access Data enables fast, accurate analysis.
  • Quick turnaround time on chargebacks processing
  • Leverage existing EDI relationships with wholesalers
  • Artificial intelligence saves time by proposing key data elements for rebates.
  • Rebates upload function reduces manual entry.
  • Export State Drug Price Transparency reports in file formats required by each state.
  • Prepare for adoption of State Drug Price Transparency reporting requirements by additional states.
  • Apply multi-layer filters across multiple Government Pricing buckets to reduce manual updates.
  • Storage of claims-level data for rebates.
  • Rebates insight tools support informed, strategic decision making.
  • Simple navigation with training in days, not months.
  • Download any Chargeback transaction at any time.
  • Clear, custom price lists for Chargebacks.
  • Limited need for updates to Government Pricing calculations
  • Government Pricing formula builder uses nested, conditional operators.
  • Service & support to meet your individual needs.
  • Government Pricing module creates audit trail not possible with manual entry.
  • Modular, reusable calculations for Government Pricing that reduce margin for error.
NAVLIN Revenue Management Brochure

NAVLIN Revenue Management Brochure

Download additional information on the features and benefits of NAVLIN Revenue Management.


NAVLIN Revenue Management is part of the comprehensive NAVLIN Price & Access ecosystem

NAVLIN Revenue Management ecosystem
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