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Good Decisions Start With The Most Accurate Data

NAVLIN Price & Access Data is the industry’s most comprehensive, highly accurate database of global price and market access intelligence, providing the right answers to the right questions to inform your strategy at launch and beyond.

NAVLIN Price & Access Data
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Key Features

NAVLIN Price & Access Data

NAVLIN Price & Access Data provides global teams with the data they need in a single consolidated environment.

Price Intelligence
Monitor competitors’ responses to your price changes, get daily updates on global prices and more via our easy-to-use web portal and mobile app.
HTA Data
Easily compare decisions across products and their comparators at the indication level with the most comprehensive HTA coverage.
Tender Data
Improve strategic decision-making process with global analytics and insights to local dynamics in real time.
Cost of Treatment Data
Compare costs across therapies and indications using our cost-of-treatment calculator.
Reimbursement Data
Track reimbursement data by indication for key global markets.
News and Country Reports
Get daily policy and reimbursement updates for products around the globe.
Analogue ID
Search for analogues using various methods, including endpoints, during early stage and launch price evaluation.
Innovative Agreement Support
Track analogue and competitor agreements locally.

The NAVLIN Difference


NAVLIN Price & Access Data is updated in real time, providing users with the industry’s most accurate pricing and market access data. Our database manages every product in more than 100 countries and provinces, including complete historical coverage in most countries.

Easy To Use

The combination of comprehensive pricing and market access data, one-click insights and expert support enables teams to focus on strategy and improved decision-making.

Expert Support

Our team of analysts offers 24×7 support and assists in the development of custom reports to meet your most pressing needs.


NAVLIN Price & Access Data provides global pricing, analytics, HTA, regulatory, clinical, and economic data along with news and insights in a single platform.

NAVLIN Price & Access Data Brochure

NAVLIN Price & Access Data Brochure

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