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NAVLIN Insights’ Account Access helps you evaluate relationships with leading customers and guide account-specific tactics to impact sales and marketing efforts.

Account Access
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Customer Relationships

Customer Relationships benchmarks company performance against competitors on competencies and attributes that promote stronger customer relationships.

  • Relationships with MCO pharmacy/medical directors
  • Company Relationships with MCOs: Year-End Review

Account Atlas

Account Atlas provides a comprehensive overview of leading customers’ geographic reach, including managed lives and enrollment, to support account team deployment and engagement.

Account Profiles

Account Profiles provides insights on the size, structure, and business strategies of leading organized customers and national healthcare organizations as well as on enrollment trends of leading regional and Blues plans.

  • National Account Profiles
  • Regional and Blues Plans
  • Health System Profiles
  • Cancer Center Profiles

Contracting Playbook

Contracting Playbook provides account intelligence to plan and execute on payer negotiations and set profitable rebate guardrails for access through robust coverage and claims data analytics.

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